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Computing courses for teachers

Discover our range of professional development courses, designed to help you teach computing. Courses cover key stages 1 to 4 and cater for all levels of knowledge.

Choose how and when you want to learn, through face to face, online, or live remote training.

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Maths in computer science - remoteCP434

Mathematics is firmly embedded at the core of computer science, during this course you’ll explore the foundational topics at the heart of mathematics and computer science.

Live remote training 12 January 13:00—19 January 2022

Tags for this course:

Algorithms Computer systems Data & information Computing Mathematics Key stage 3 Key stage 4 CS Accelerator

Python programming constructs: sequencing, selection & iteration - remoteCP423

Learn how to write code to input, process and output data, and how to manipulate data stored in variables. Using the building blocks of sequence, selection and iteration you’ll begin to understand how programs are constructed to perform a multitude of simple and more complex tasks.

Live remote training 3 November 13:00—10 November 2021

Tags for this course:

Programming Computing Key stage 4 CS Accelerator

Python programming: working with data - remoteCP433

In this course you’ll learn about data types, and how data structures are manipulated in Python programs.

Live remote training 1 December 13:00—8 December 2021

Tags for this course:

Programming Computing Key stage 4 CS Accelerator

An understanding of algorithms is fundamental to success in GCSE computer science this course will teach you how algorithms manipulate data to achieve desired aims.

Live remote training 26 January 13:00—2 February 2022

Tags for this course:

Algorithms Computing Key stage 4 CS Accelerator

Teaching key stage 2 computing - module 2 - remoteCP453

Skilfully combining a wide range of software applications and multimedia such as video, images and sound, you will be better able to support children in creative and engaging project work across the whole primary curriculum.

Live remote training 17 November 13:00—24 November 2021

Tags for this course:

Cross curricular Leadership Data & information Impact of technology Computing Key stage 2 Primary certificate