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Primary computing enrichment activities

Encourage young people to develop life skills through enrichment and engage with the wider community in practical, enjoyable, and meaningful ways.

Explore a variety of activities, challenges and opportunities provided by the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) and our partners. All are designed to enrich learning in computing and provide opportunities to broaden young people’s educational experience, inspire their curiosity and expand on what computing means to them in a fun hands-on way.

Taking part in enrichment activities champions computing by:

  • giving your class an opportunity to try new activities that may not strictly fit into the curriculum
  • encouraging your class to pursue wider educational and further career goals
  • providing examples of how computing can be applied to real-world experiences
  • supporting you to achieve the primary computing certificate

This term

Autumn term

Moon Camp

In the Moon Camp Challenge pupils can explore and design their own Moon settlement with a 3D modelling tool.

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Astro Pi

An opportunity for young people to carry out their own scientific investigations in space, writing computer programs that will run aboard the International Space Station.

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Climate Detectives

Teams of pupils are called to make a difference by identifying a climate problem, investigating it by using available Earth Observation data or taking measurements on the ground, and then proposing a way to help reduce the problem.

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Activities throughout the year

Bebras Challenge

A computational thinking challenge that aims to enthuse students in all things computer science and promote computational thinking.

STEM Clubs resources

Out-of-timetable sessions that enrich and broaden the curriculum, giving young people the chance to explore subjects like science, technology, engineering and maths in less formal settings.

Micro:bit the Next Gen

Register for free Micro:bits before December 2023 and training on how to use them in the Next Gen Campaign.

Coming soon

Spring term

More enrichment activities coming soon!

Coming soon

Summer term

More enrichment activities coming soon!

With our termly, as well as year-round offer, supported by partners from the world of computing education, find activities that interest you and your pupils to learn computing in a fun way. Activities are supported by our quality assured CPD and resources, to help you provide the most enriching experience.

Keep informed on upcoming enrichment activities by being part of the STEM Community.