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KS4 computing for all - face to face

CP207 Face to face course

This action-oriented professional development course explores the options available to computing teachers in different school contexts

Key stage 4
Face to face course 1 day

Computing is a National curriculum foundation subject and a vital aspect of a broad and balanced curriculum for all learners. Pathways through computing have reduced for some students, however, leading to a narrowing of their future options. Computer science GCSE is at the heart of provision for KS4, but evidence shows an overall reduction in access to computing education following KS3.

This action-oriented professional development course explores the options available to teachers in different school contexts. The key outcome is an individualised plan to provide a high quality computing education in KS4 for all students – working within current timetabling arrangements and also planning for a comprehensive qualification suite that attracts significant numbers of learners.

Participants will develop a shared understanding of the KS4 computing curriculum, and the skills, knowledge and resources that effectively underpin it. They will take a proactive approach to shaping the future of the subject, leading to a sustainable and effective offer which maximises the capability of the teaching staff. In turn, this will help all students become safe, knowledgeable and skilled users of computing technology able to pursue a variety of further study and employment options.

This course is delivered as part of the National Centre for Computing Education.

Participants will:

  • Find opportunities within the current timetable structure to improve the skills and knowledge of all students within and beyond the curriculum, and even outside of the school day.
  • Discover and evaluate a range of resources to improve learning, and to support non-specialist teachers.
  • Gain accurate knowledge of the broader computing qualification landscape, including which qualifications can be offered in harmony.
  • Develop the case for a rich qualification offer centred on GCSE Computer Science and extending across information technology and creative digital media.

This course is part of the Teach secondary computing certificate.

Teach secondary computing

Our certified professional development programme will equip you with the subject knowledge and confidence to successfully teach and lead GCSE computer science.

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