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Adapted teaching and effective learning interventions in secondary computing

CP448 Live remote training course

Develop an evidence-informed approach to education recovery over a sustained period, securing the computing education of young people following a period of great disruption.

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Leadership Key stage 3 Key stage 4 Teach secondary computing certificate
Live remote training course 6 hours

  • Live remote training 18 June 09:30—18 June 2024
  • Live remote training 24 June 09:30—24 June 2024
  • Live remote training 10 July 09:30—10 July 2024
  • Live remote training 25 July 09:30—25 July 2024
  • Live remote training 30 September 09:00—30 September 2024

Getting computing education back on track, for all students, is an urgent priority requiring informed planning and implementation. Teaching and learning in computing has been challenging, with some aspects of subject knowledge and skills put under real pressure.

This CPD takes the best evidence and practice for education recovery and applies it to computing, with a spotlight on effective and sustainable approaches to subject-specific challenges and issues.

You’ll look at the importance of accurate assessment to inform teaching the curriculum. By applying the science of learning, you’ll develop a plan to fill gaps in knowledge and improve long term recall. To maximise the impact of targeted interventions you’ll consider how to make best use of your own time, and how to use resources including tutoring and teaching assistants. Going beyond subject knowledge to social, emotional and motivational aspects, you’ll gain confidence that your actions support the whole child and lead to lasting success and well-being. 

Who is it for?

Teacher and subject leaders of secondary computing

Topics covered

Teaching and curriculum – consider the impact of disruption on learning and long term recall, and strategies to overcome this. Evaluate the curriculum, and core subject knowledge for progression, developing informed plans for curriculum implementation and assessment. Focus efforts on the approaches most likely to benefit students and lead to lasting improvement and engagement.

Targeted subject knowledge support – reflect upon the range of classroom approaches and resources at your disposal, with guidance to implement those that best meet the needs of your students. Ensure that all students, including those with SEND, and those transitioning between key stages, receive the support they need to succeed. Skilfully use assessment to target and evaluate interventions to maximise the return on your effort.

Wider strategies – support the academic, emotional and social development of young people through computing lessons and innovative approaches to homework. Engage with parents to maximise progress in partnership. Enrich the computing curriculum, and raise aspiration in computing. Consider the needs of your own school context, and plan to successfully support the education recovery of your students.

How long is this course?

5 hours 20 mins

How will you learn?

Live, Professional Development Leader-led sessions supported by an expert, experienced educator. Guided gap tasks that support deeper exploration of content, with evaluation and prioritisation of approaches to implement in your own school.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • understand the short-term and longer-term impacts of disrupted learning, and how to overcome them with evidence-based approaches
  • recognise the impact of curriculum change for education recovery, and make informed curriculum implementation decisions
  • know how to use accurate, low-stakes assessment to inform high quality teaching that meets the needs of diverse learners and fills gaps in knowledge
  • Efficiently and skilfully utilise the classroom resources available to computing teachers, such as teaching assistants and learning resources, for targeted interventions

This course is part of Teach secondary computing

Teach secondary computing

Our nationally recognised qualification will give you confidence to take your computing teaching to the next level and to apply those skills in the classroom.

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