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Teach Computing Curriculum

Everything you need to teach computing at key stages 1 to 4

Why use our Teach Computing Curriculum?

  • Resources include lesson plans, slides, activity sheets, homework, and assessments
  • Each key stage has a teacher guide and curriculum map to help you get started
  • Built around an innovative progression framework where computing content has been organised into interconnected networks we call learning graphs
  • Created by subject experts, using the latest pedagogical research and teacher feedback
  • All of the content is free for you to use, and in formats that make it easy for you to adapt it to meet the needs of your learners

Get a better understanding of progression through each key stage and year group by viewing our curriculum journey poster.

Choose resources by key stage

Key Stage 1

Year 1-2 Age 5-7

Units: 13 Lessons: 72

Key Stage 2

Year 3-6 Age 7-11

Units: 24 Lessons: 144

Key Stage 3

Year 7-9 Age 11-14

Units: 19 Lessons: 115

Key Stage 4

Year 10-11 Age 14-16

Units: 22 Lessons: 178

Raspberry Pi

Need equipment to help you teach?

Your local Hub can help loan you the kit you need to teach the physical computing units from our curriculum. Find out more in our Guide to physical computing kits.

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Looking for A level resources?

Isaac Computer Science is our free online learning programme for A level & GCSE computer science teachers and students. Access our time-saving learning materials that cover the AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas, OCR and WJEC curriculums.

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