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Build the foundations to have the confidence in offering GCSE Computer Science

CP267 Face to face course

Transform your teaching capabilities with our two-day CPD course, "Build the foundations to have the confidence in offering GCSE Computer Science." Perfect for educators aiming to initiate or enhance their GCSE Computer Science offerings, this workshop provides essential tools and knowledge for a supportive and impactful learning environment. On-site accommodation is available for participants. Join us to confidently introduce and teach GCSE Computer Science in your school.

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Key stage 4
Face to face course 6 hours
  • York 17 July 09:00—18 July 2024

Join us for a transformative two-day workshop designed to equip educators with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to effectively introduce and teach GCSE Computer Science. This course is designed for educators looking to either initiate or advance their abilities to offer GCSE Computer Science, ensuring a strong and supportive learning environment for their students.

This workshop is an ideal platform for educators to not only understand but also effectively implement a GCSE Computer Science curriculum. Whether you're looking to start or enhance your current offerings, this event will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to make a significant impact in your educational settings.

On site accommodation is available for those wishing to arrive the night before the course begins and those who wish to stay for our optional second day of CPD.

Who is it for?

This event is specifically designed for secondary school educators, curriculum coordinators, and school leaders who are interested in introducing or enhancing their school's GCSE Computer Science program. It is particularly beneficial for those who may feel uncertain about the qualifications required, the curriculum content, or how to inspire a diverse group of students to engage with computing. This workshop is also ideal for educators looking to understand more about the National Centre for Computing Education's support structures and resources. Whether you're a novice in computer science education or seeking to refine your school's existing program, this event offers valuable insights and practical strategies to develop a robust and inclusive computing curriculum.

Topics covered

Day 1

  • Getting the foundations built
  • Understanding what a high quality computing provision looks like and how NCCE can support
  • Start your GCSE Computer Science journey with a Subject Matter Expert
  • Encouraging Girls into GCSE Computer Science

Day 2 (optional):

  • Foundation knowledge of computer science for KS3 and GCSE (face to face)

How long is this course?

This event will last 7 hours between 9am and 4pm but there is provision to stay overnight and join us for an optional second day where we will be hosting CPD that will cover the foundations of what an educator needs to deliver KS3 and GCSE Computer Science.

How will you learn?

This event will be face-to-face at the National STEM Learning Centre.


Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of a strong secondary computing curriculum and what it takes to get there.
  • Understand how NCCE can support your school to be ready and confident to offer GCSE Computer Science in the future
  • Initiate or advance your path toward offering GCSE Computer Science by leveraging the Computing Quality Framework and tapping into the expertise of our Subject Matter experts to craft a comprehensive action plan.

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