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Secondary computing enrichment activities

Encourage your students to develop important life skills through enrichment and engage with the wider community in practical, enjoyable, and meaningful ways.

The National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) enrichment activities will help inspire curiosity in your students and broaden their educational experience with fun hands-on learning.

Taking part in enrichment activities champions computing by:

  • providing an opportunity for students to pursue their learning in their own area of interest and strength
  • studying concepts to a greater depth and complexity
  • providing examples of how computing can be applied to real-world experiences

This term

Autumn term

Cyber Centurion

In the Cyber Centurion Competition teams compete in rounds against one another and the clock to secure a range of computer systems.

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Moon Camp

In the Moon Camp Challenge pupils can explore and design their own Moon settlement with a 3D modelling tool.

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Astro Pi

An opportunity for young people to carry out their own scientific investigations in space, writing computer programs that will run aboard the International Space Station.

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Activities throughout the year

Bebras Challenge

A computational thinking challenge that aims to enthuse students in all things computer science and promote computational thinking.

Part of I Belong: Encouraging girls into computer science


This is a global STEM programme where young people work together to explore a given topic and to design, build and program an autonomous LEGO® robot to solve a series of missions.

Part of I Belong: Encouraging girls into computer science

Cyber Security Challenge UK

From immersive afternoon workshops and modular cyber games to local careers fairs that bring together hundreds of students at a time, Cyber Security Challenge UK aims to raise awareness of the opportunities that exist in the industry. 

Coming soon

Spring term

More enrichment activities coming soon!

Coming soon

Summer term

More enrichment activities coming soon!

With our termly, as well as year-round offer, supported by partners from the world of computing education, find activities that interest you and your students to learn computing in a fun way. Activities are supported by our quality assured CPD and resources, to help you provide the most enriching experience.

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