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Maths in computer science - remote

CP434 Live remote training course

Mathematics is firmly embedded at the core of computer science, during this course you’ll explore the foundational topics at the heart of mathematics and computer science.

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Algorithmic thinking Computer systems Data & information Mathematics Key stage 3 Key stage 4 CS Accelerator
Live remote training course 5 hours

  • Live remote training 5 December 09:30—5 December 2023
  • Live remote training 14 December 09:30—14 December 2023
  • Live remote training 25 January 09:00—25 January 2024
  • Live remote training 5 February 09:30—5 February 2024
  • Live remote training 8 February 09:30—8 February 2024
  • Live remote training 18 April 09:00—18 April 2024
  • Live remote training 25 April 09:00—25 April 2024
  • Live remote training 29 April 17:00—2 May 2024
  • Live remote training 7 May 17:00—10 May 2024
  • Live remote training 3 June 17:00—6 June 2024
  • Live remote training 10 June 17:00—13 June 2024

Mathematics is firmly embedded at the core of computer science, from processing data using binary to the development of algorithms. The teaching of computing can be more effective when it builds on students’ existing mathematical knowledge and approaches. This provides a more joined-up learning journey.

During this course you’ll explore how mathematics and computing are closely linked. You’ll upskill in foundational topics including number systems, logic, and arithmetic and relational operations. You’ll also apply mathematical techniques to teaching vector graphics and compression.

Do you prefer to learn in a classroom? If so, take a look at: Maths in computer science

Who is it for?

No prior experience or knowledge of computing is expected before attending this course. It is advised that you become familiar with the National Curriculum in Computing before participating.

Topics covered

  • 01 | Number systems – during this session you’ll learn how to convert between binary, denary and hexadecimal, develop confidence in working with binary numbers and carry out operations including binary addition, subtraction and shifts.
  • 02 | Arithmetic and relational operations – during this session you’ll explore how operators and functions are represented in maths and computer science and how to manipulate, apply arithmetic and relational operators in computer programs and spreadsheets.
  • 03 | Logic – this session will develop your understanding of using Boolean statements and their use in computer programming. You’ll also use and combine logical operators including AND, OR, NOT and XOR gates in circuit diagrams and truth tables.
  • 04 | Applied mathematical techniques – during this session you’ll bring maths teaching approaches to calculations of images, audio and storage files. You’ll explore how to accurately teach the scaling of vector images, compression including ratios and check digits.

How long is this course?

This is a one-day course which consists of five hours of teaching time.

How will you learn?

Scheduled live, interactive online sessions led by an experienced practitioner. Flexible Professional Development Leader-supported, participant-led tasks, involving deep exploration of the subject content.


You will:

  • Build upon the maths curriculum to strengthen student understanding, appropriate for their developmental stage
  • Develop maths capability in ways that align to the teaching students receive in mathematics lessons, helping them to transfer their knowledge between subjects
  • Apply maths in problems used for assessment of GCSE computer science

This course is part of the Subject knowledge certificate

Subject knowledge certificate

Our professional development programme, Computer Science Accelerator, is designed to help you develop or refresh your subject knowledge and leads to a nationally recognised certificate.

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This course is from the National Centre for Computing Education and is delivered by STEM Learning.

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