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Data-driven IT projects in secondary computing

CP485 Live remote training course

Develop the required technical skills and teaching approaches for data-rich IT projects in computing.

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Practical work Data & information Mathematics Teach secondary computing certificate
Live remote training course 6 hours

  • Live remote training 8 June 09:00—8 June 2024
  • Live remote training 4 July 09:00—4 July 2024
  • Live remote training 27 September 09:30—27 September 2024
  • Live remote training 24 October 15:30—24 October 2024

Data-rich projects using spreadsheets and database are an integral part of KS3 computing, and technical qualifications at 14+. Developing the skills for student success, over the whole secondary age range, is the focus for this CPD. Teachers will gain confidence to set challenging briefs requiring well-planned and executed solutions. You’ll take-away tools and approaches to support the full project life cycle, from Gantt charts to testing plans; skills-boosting tutorials to user-feedback forms. Stretching students to use familiar software in new and powerful ways, you’ll help them build skills for employment and future study.

Who is it for?

Teacher of secondary computing, including those teaching technical IT qualifications.

Topics covered

Project initiation and planning – learn about the project development life cycle, with a focus on the initial phases. Help students to understand and translate client briefs, specifying user requirements and success criteria. Rehearse the use of planning tools including Gantt charts and task lists to improve project management.

Tools and skills - following the modelling of the approach, you’ll be able to support students to evaluate software capabilities and use software effectively in data projects. Consider how independent study and skills development among students can be facilitated using video tutorials, while managing cognitive load. Develop knowledge and techniques to improve the quality of data collection; to move data between applications; and to develop data dashboards.

Testing, refining and evaluating projects - Develop structured testing to improve project work. Evaluate against success criteria and user feedback to improve project quality. Plan how to implement data-rich projects linked to the secondary computing curriculum, setting goals appropriate to your school context.

How long is this course?

5 ¾ hours including a pre-course task

How will you learn?

Live, Professional Development Leader-led sessions supported by an expert, experienced educator. Guided gap tasks that support deeper exploration of content


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Plan a data-rich project across a series of lessons, building skills and knowledge linked to the National Curriculum and supporting high-quality technical qualifications.
  • Knowledgably deploy planning and evaluation tools to support the full life cycle, building assessable evidence.
  • Build the resilience and independent learning capability of students who are able to acquire skills on a needs-informed basis.
  • Differentiate teaching approaches and use scaffolding to support students who need it.

This course is part of Teach secondary computing

Teach secondary computing

Our nationally recognised qualification will give you confidence to take your computing teaching to the next level and to apply those skills in the classroom.

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