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Leading and assessing primary computing - residential

CP016 Face to face course

Develop the skills and strategies required to successfully lead primary computing, with a focus on supporting staff and assessment.

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Leadership Key stage 1 Key stage 2 Teach primary computing certificate
Face to face course 10 hours
  • York 11 December 10:00—12 December 2024

Whether you are new to the role of computing subject leader or have been the leader for a couple of years, you will be supported to bring about change at a whole school level. Day one will focus on raising the profile of computing in your school, though enriching the curriculum and bringing staff on board with the subject. Explore how to successfully manage change, and how to support others to teach computing effectively. Discover a range of enrichment activities which can bring computing to life, and consider how you could implement these in your school.

Day two will dive into assessment of primary computing. Through exploring a range of formative and summative assessment approaches, you will build confidence in evaluate learning in computing. You’ll find out what is different about assessing computing compared to other subjects, ensuring that your assessment of each strand is accurate. Across the two days, you’ll complete the following courses:

Note: If you are a new subject lead and have not attended Leading Primary Computing - module 1, you may wish to do so before attending this course. Completing this CPD will contribute towards recognised certification through the Teach primary computing certificate. You'll be supported along the way by your peers and experienced teaching professionals.

Residential information:

This is a residential course at the National STEM Learning Centre, York. Meals and overnight accommodation are included for participants for the duration of the course. If you wish to extend your stay in York, bed and breakfast will be available at the centre’s on- site accommodation at a discounted rate of £45+VAT per night. You can email [email protected] to secure this rate, providing their course booking information and confirming the night(s) they would like to stay.

Who is it for?

Subject leaders in primary computing who are new to the role, or who aspire to move into it.

Topics covered

01 | Managing change – explore tried-and-tested approaches to help you make positive impacts across your school, making the most of the talent and support available.

02 | Enriching the computing curriculum – discover a range of computing related extra-curricular and enrichment activities. Consider how you will implement those activities that are most suitable for your school.

03 | Helping others to teach computing effectively – support other teachers, with confidence, in a range of professional development contexts.

04 | What we assess in computing – develop your understanding of the strands which make up computing, and begin to develop key assessment points in each year group for the different strands.

05 | How we assess in computing - develop your understanding of formative and summative assessment in a computing context and consider a range of assessment methods that can be used in either or both situations.

06 | Assessing specific areas of computing - explore and practise a range of assessment techniques specific to the strands of computing, and discuss which are more suited to assessing declarative or procedural knowledge.

07 | Using assessment – Understand how to gather and where to store evidence of learning, and what to gather in order to be able to assess progress. Explore and discuss best practice whilst also aiming to reduce workload.

How long is this course?

This residential is two days in duration. You’ll complete approx. 10 hours of CPD.

How will you learn?

Hands-on experiential learning with the collaborative support of your peers. You’ll receive expert advice and instruction from experienced classroom practitioners. Personalised action planning will help you prioritise next steps for you and your school, ensuring you gain maximum benefit from the CPD.


By the end of this CPD package you will:

  • Understand the computing curriculum, describing a subject rich in both knowledge and skill development.
  • Know how to implement change in your subject in a way which has a positive impact and brings staff on board
  • support other teachers with greater confidence within a range of professional development contexts
  • understand what needs to be assessed in primary computing
  • recognise appropriate techniques for formative and summative assessment and understand where these can be best applied
  • explore various ways of gathering and storing evidence

This course is part of Teach primary computing

Teach primary computing

Our nationally recognised qualification will support you to demonstrate your commitment to developing your own practice and to computing as a school subject.

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