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Championing diversity and inclusion

Certificate awarded by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Teach secondary computing > Championing diversity and inclusion

Are you looking to champion diversity and inclusion in your classrooms as well as computing as a subject? This pathway will give you knowledge of teaching interventions, encouraging girls into computer science and how to support SEND students in their learning of computing.

Learning pathway

Our learning pathways provide a set of recommended courses and activities to help get the right outcomes for you. Complete a tailored selection of courses and engagement activities to receive your certificate.

Develop your professional knowledge

Complete one full day face-to-face, remote or online course, or a combination of short courses that amounts to 6+ hours of professional development.

More courses can be found in the pathway PDF

Make a positive impact on young people in computing

Choose at least one activity

Arrange a visit for your school to help pupils understand real-world applications of computing and raise their career aspirations through engaging activities.

Encourage young people to develop important life skills through enrichment and engage with the wider community in practical, enjoyable, and meaningful ways.

Think about not only your actions but also collecting evidence of how the changes you make impact you, your colleagues, and your students.

Support your professional community

Choose at least one activity

Explore what makes CPD effective and how its impact can be evaluated as well as the strategies and tools you’ll need when leading learning with adults.

You’ll earn points for your activities on the STEM Community. Your points add up, and over time you will be rewarded with badges in recognition of your activity and participation in the community.

Establish relationships with businesses in your local area, that can support development of inclusive computing in your school.

Join a group of 3-6 eligible schools, which receive targeted support in professional learning to make progress within the Computing Quality Framework over a 12-month period.

CAS Communities are the hearts, hands, and minds of Computing at School activity across the UK. Join a local event and offer your insights, ideas and expertise to colleagues.

How to enrol

  1. Enrol with the click of the button
  2. Complete the required professional development
  3. Complete engagement activities to support your learning
  4. Successfully complete the Subject knowledge certificate
  5. Receive your certificate
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Teachers following this pathway will contribute to improving:

  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and SEND

As defined in the Computing Quality Framework

Download the pathway PDF

Download our championing diversity and inclusion pathway PDF to reference as you progress through the certificate.

Championing diversity and inclusion (PDF)

Curriculum leadership

Are you currently a Computing Lead or are looking to progress into the role? This pathway will support you to build the confidence to lead computing effectively in your school.

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Raising student attainment

Are you looking to raise attainment amongst different groups of students? This pathway will help you support young people to overcome challenges, champion diversity in your school and increase student engagement in the subject of computing.

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Developing teachers

Are you looking to develop your teaching after the Early Career Framework? This pathways will support your development goals and will help increase your knowledge of the subject and pedagogy.

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