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Computing for specialist teachers of autistic students

CP291 Face to face course

Plan and teach an effective computing curriculum for students with autism in a specialist setting.

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Practical work Primary certificate Secondary certificate
Face to face course 5 hours

  • Huntingdon 23 June 10:00—23 June 2023
  • Live remote training 26 June 09:00—26 June 2023
  • Gateshead 29 June 09:00—29 June 2023
  • Berkeley 30 June 09:30—30 June 2023
  • Birmingham 4 July 09:00—4 July 2023
  • Leeds 6 July 09:30—6 July 2023
  • Coventry 7 July 09:00—7 July 2023

Computing offers great opportunities to autistic young people, but effective teaching and curriculum planning can be challenging. This CPD, developed for teachers in special schools and autism units, uses evidence-based approaches and draws on the experience and knowledge of successful teachers. You’ll consider the goals for you and your students, and how these can be achieved through effective teaching, appropriate high-quality resources, and considered planning of programmes of study. You’ll also develop links to other teachers in similar roles, enabling you to share and support each other.

Who is it for?

Teachers of computing in special schools and specialist units, working with learners on the autism spectrum

Topics covered

● Computing curriculum in context – You’ll consider the barriers and opportunities for autistic young people in computing, and contextualise the Teach Computing Curriculum to their needs and interests. You’ll be introduced to computational thinking and some of the key concepts in programming, and how these might be taught.

● Applying Generic Pedagogy in Computing – This session covers the impact that autism can have on student’s learning and how to apply general pedagogy to teaching computing in a specialised setting. You’ll critically evaluate a wealth of practical guidance, resources and teaching approaches for use in your own school, leading to effective learning experiences.

● Computing-specific pedagogy – You’ll receive an overview of different subject-specific pedagogies that can be used to effectively teach computing. The focus is on approaches that are straightforward to implement in the classroom that have been used successfully with autistic students. You’ll have time and support to reflect on which approaches will work for you and your school.

● Teaching excellent computing lessons – This practical session supports you to plan effective lessons in a sequence that develops the knowledge, understanding and skills of your learners. You’ll learn about the range of support available to you as a teacher of computing, and will work through a process to plan an excellent lesson using adapted materials. This session is full of take-away activities that can be easily implemented

How long is this course?

1 day (5 hours)

How will you learn?

Led by experienced teachers of autistic learners in computing, this face-to-face course includes lots of sharing with others in similar roles.


● Recognise the breadth of the computing curriculum, and confidently plan the depth to which your students will learn.

● Teach using a variety of proven pedagogical approaches, some of which are specific to computing.

● Plan and teach effective lessons and lesson sequences that build knowledge and skill, recognising the starting points and learning goals of your students.

This course is part of Teach primary computing

Teach primary computing

Our nationally recognised qualification will support you to demonstrate your commitment to developing your own practice and to computing as a school subject.

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This course is part of Teach secondary computing

Teach secondary computing

Our nationally recognised qualification will give you confidence to take your computing teaching to the next level and to apply those skills in the classroom.

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