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Careers and enrichment in primary computing with STEM Ambassadors - short course

CP441 Live remote training course

Find out how career-linked learning and enrichment opportunities can provide motivation and broaden horizons for learners at primary school.

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Cross curricular Leadership Careers Key stage 1 Key stage 2 Primary certificate
Live remote training course 90 minutes

  • Live remote training 11 October 15:45—11 October 2023
  • Live remote training 17 October 16:00—17 October 2023
  • Live remote training 9 November 16:00—9 November 2023
  • Live remote training 22 November 16:00—22 November 2023
  • Live remote training 7 December 16:00—7 December 2023
  • Live remote training 13 December 16:00—13 December 2023
  • Live remote training 15 October 16:30—15 October 2024

Children begin to make decisions about their future at an early age. This means it is crucial that children’s experience includes career-linked learning in computing as well as authentic experiences with a range of job roles. This helps to enable children to see the relevance of computing and may also help to and dispel any stereotypes that might limit their perceived choices.

In this short CPD session, you will explore evidence around children’s career aspirations. Considering approaches to ensure all children are aware of future opportunities linked to computing. You will find out how to engage with a STEM Ambassador, to support effective career-learning at primary. You will also explore enrichment opportunities, identifying how best to use them to engage a diverse range of learners.

Who is it for?

Teachers and subject leaders of primary computing who would like to include career-linked learning in the school.

Topics covered

  • Explore evidence about how children form their ideas and aspirations
  • Consider the importance of ‘meeting people like me’ from computing careers
  • Make authentic links to computing and the wider curriculum
  • Evaluate NCCE enrichment opportunities for all learners
  • Find out how to engage with a STEM Ambassador, and to evaluate the impact they have on children.

How long is this course?

90 minutes

How will you learn?

Scheduled live, interactive online session led by an experienced practitioner.


  • Understand the aims of careers-related learning in the primary phase
  • Recognise the benefits of STEM Ambassador engagement
  • Know how to use career-linked learning approaches and enrichment activities effectively in your school

This course is part of Teach primary computing

Teach primary computing

Our nationally recognised qualification will support you to demonstrate your commitment to developing your own practice and to computing as a school subject.

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