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Education recovery: We've developed a special curated collection of CPD, resources and wider support to inspire your teaching, improve your knowledge, inform your assessment and save you time whilst you address lost learning.

Careers and enrichment in primary computing with STEM Ambassadors in your region

CP441 Live remote training course

Bring authentic contexts to the computing curriculum, helping children understand the subject's importance.

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Key stage 1 Key stage 2
Live remote training course 80 minutes

  • Live remote training 6 October 16:00—6 October 2021
  • Live remote training 12 October 16:00—12 October 2021

Children begin to make decisions about their future at a young age. To keep their options open, while starting to form ideas about future careers, it is vital they have authentic experiences with those working in a range of job roles. STEM Ambassadors are volunteers ready and willing to visit your school, for free, helping to dispel stereotypes, contextualise the computing curriculum and build subject knowledge among teachers and children. Join this short CPD session and plan how to build the cultural capital of children in your school, holding open the door to opportunity and future social mobility. 

Who is it for?

Teacher and subject leaders of primary computing

Topics covered

  • Overcoming barriers to future success in computing and STEM – find out what the evidence says about how children form their ideas and aspirations, and ensure that they don’t close-off possible futures.
  • Role models – consider the importance of ‘meeting people like me’ in computing careers
  • Make authentic links to computing and the wider curriculum – benefit from the life experience and knowledge of volunteers from across the world of work, in the technology industries and in digitally-enabled roles.
  • Develop an simple action plan – find out how easy it is to engage with a STEM Ambassador, and to evaluate the impact they have on children.

How long is this course?

A single 80 minute session

How will you learn?

Standard remote 


By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Understand the aims of careers-related learning in the primary phase
  • Recognise the benefits of STEM Ambassador engagement
  • Develop an informed approach to planning curriculum and extra-curricular enrichment activity
  • Know how to request a STEM Ambassador to support curricular / extra-curricular activity in school

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