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Teach secondary computing

Certificate awarded by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

This professional development programme is designed to enhance how you teach secondary computing, and to give you confidence to apply those skills in the classroom. Throughout your learning journey, you'll get the opportunity to develop yourself, your professional community, and your students, by engaging in a range of activities.

There are five pathways under which we have gathered relevant courses and activities to help you advance your knowledge and experience of teaching GCSE and A level computer science.

Raising student attainment

Are you looking to raise attainment amongst different groups of students? This pathway will help you support young people to overcome challenges, champion diversity in your school and increase student engagement in the subject of computing.

Curriculum leadership

Are you currently a Computing Lead or are looking to progress into the role? This pathway will support you to build the confidence to lead computing effectively in your school.

Supporting other teachers

Are you looking to support your colleagues through mentoring, collaborative working and sharing expertise? This pathway will help you aid your colleagues to deliver excellent computer science education to students.

Championing diversity and inclusion

Are you looking to champion diversity and inclusion in your classrooms as well as computing as a subject? This pathway will give you knowledge of teaching interventions, encouraging girls into computer science and how to support SEND students in their learning of computing.

Developing teachers

Are you looking to develop your teaching after the Early Career Framework? This pathways will support your development goals and will help increase your knowledge of the subject and pedagogy.

Benefits to you

  • be recognised for your commitment to your professional learning, your subject, and your community
  • upgrade your skills and feel confident to teach this high-demand subject across the curriculum
  • save time on lesson planning and gain inspirational teaching ideas
  • meet teachers in your area to share best practice and ideas

How does the programme work?

Our learning pathways provide a set of recommended courses and activities to help get the right outcomes for you.

Subject Expert support

Our network of Computing Hubs are here to help you, providing local training and support for teachers across England.