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Behaviour for learning in a computing environment - short course

CP468 Live remote training course

For secondary teachers who are new or existing to the subject. This CPD covers generic behavior for learning strategies, including managing own behaviours, rules routines, recognition reward and interventions and links them it back to their use in a computing environment.

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Leadership Key stage 3 Key stage 4 Teach secondary computing certificate
Live remote training course 90 minutes

  • Live remote training 30 April 16:00—30 April 2024
  • Live remote training 2 May 16:00—2 May 2024
  • Live remote training 23 May 16:00—23 May 2024
  • Live remote training 6 June 16:00—6 June 2024
  • Live remote training 12 June 16:00—12 June 2024
  • Live remote training 4 July 16:00—4 July 2024
  • Live remote training 16 July 16:00—16 July 2024
  • Live remote training 24 April 15:30—24 April 2025
  • Live remote training 1 May 16:00—1 May 2025
  • Live remote training 28 May 15:30—28 May 2025

This course is aimed at secondary computing teachers who are looking to ensure the behaviour management and learning atmosphere in a computing environment enables progress. Participants will get the opportunity to look at the adolescent brain development, assess their own behaviours and look at computing related strategies such as rules, routines and habits as well as recognition, reward and interventions.

Who is it for?

This course is for secondary teachers of computing and subject leaders of computing.

How long is this course?

This is a 90 minute course.

How will you learn?

Hands-on experiential learning with the collaborative support of your peers.

Expert advice and instruction on the behaviour for learning in a computing environment, from experienced classroom practitioners.

This course is delivered as a remote delivered session. Please see the specific course instance to choose the date and delivery mode that suit you best.


Participants will:

  • Be aware of the adolescent brain development and its potential impact upon students’ behaviours and learning in computing
  • Understand how adult behaviours can impact upon student behaviours and be aware of computing related strategies.
  • Explore generic strategies such as routines, rules habits, recognition and intervention and identify their role within the computing environment

This course is part of Teach secondary computing

Teach secondary computing

Our nationally recognised qualification will give you confidence to take your computing teaching to the next level and to apply those skills in the classroom.

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