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Assessing computational thinking in primary schools - short course

CP457 Live remote training course

A short course providing practical guidance on the assessment of key thinking skills in primary computing

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Leadership Key stage 1 Key stage 2 Primary certificate
Live remote training course 90 minutes

  • Live remote training 9 October 15:30—9 October 2023
  • Live remote training 18 October 10:30—18 October 2023
  • Live remote training 2 November 11:00—2 November 2023
  • Live remote training 20 November 14:00—20 November 2023
  • Live remote training 5 December 15:45—5 December 2023
  • Live remote training 21 December 09:00—21 December 2023
  • Live remote training 11 January 16:00—11 January 2024
  • Live remote training 7 February 16:00—7 February 2024

A short course providing practical guidance on the assessment of key thinking skills in primary computing

Computational thinking lies at the heart of the national curriculum. It includes the key building blocks for success in computing such as using abstraction to simplify problems, or how to decompose problems into smaller chunks. As computational thinking skills develop children become more adept at applying logic, spotting patterns, planning algorithms and evaluating computer programs.

This CPD includes easily applied, practical approaches to assessing the development of computational thinking. Developing these techniques will help you to gauge what is expected of learners as they progress through primary school. By supporting the development of key subject skills, you will ensure that children build on existing skills and knowledge, so they are equipped for the next stage of their education.

Who is it for?

Teacher and subject leaders of primary computing

Topics covered

This short CPD covers:

  • Models of computational thinking that apply to the primary classroom
  • Adapting lesson plans to develop computational thinking
  • Formative and summative assessment approaches
  • Progression models through KS1 and KS2

How long is this course?

90 minutes

How will you learn?

A scheduled live, interactive online session led by an experienced practitioner, with a short pre-session task.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the term computational thinking
  • Recognise what CT looks like in the classroom
  • Identify progression in CT capability
  • Apply reliable assessment methods in CT

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This course is from the National Centre for Computing Education and is delivered by STEM Learning.

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