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We have adapted our programmes to enable you to participate from home:

Introduction to primary computing - remote

CP454 Remote course

For primary computing teachers who are new to the subject or its leadership. This CPD covers the whole computing curriculum at an introductory level, including programming essentials using Scratch.

Key stage 1 Key stage 2
Remote course 5 days

  • Remote delivered CPD 14 August 00:00—14 August 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 24 August 00:00—1 September 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 8 September 16:00—17 September 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 10 September 15:30—24 September 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 11 September 16:00—18 September 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 14 September 15:00—22 October 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 17 September 10:00—24 September 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 17 September 16:00—1 October 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 21 September 16:00—28 September 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 1 October 16:00—14 October 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 12 October 14:00—15 October 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 12 October 16:00—19 October 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 15 October 16:00—2 November 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 26 October 09:00—30 October 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 10 November 16:00—19 November 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 12 November 00:00—24 November 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 12 November 16:00—26 November 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 19 November 15:30—3 December 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 23 November 16:00—2 December 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 25 November 16:00—10 December 2020
  • Remote delivered CPD 5 January 00:00—5 January 2021

Introduction to primary computing

Computing in primary schools is a practical, creative and knowledge-rich subject. This course provides teachers with the knowledge and confidence to get started on the journey to outstanding computing in your school, whether you’re a subject coordinator or another interested teacher.


This CPD helps teachers to understand the nature of computing in the curriculum; the breadth and depth of computer science, digital literacy and information technology. You’ll gain hands-on experience of teaching different aspects of computing, evaluating high-quality resources that can be used in your classroom. You’ll also begin to develop your knowledge of computer programming, and its teaching in key stages 1 and 2. There’s a wide network of teacher communities, resources and professional development opportunities to take you further in the teaching of computing – this course will guide you towards the most reliable and accessible sources of help.

Book now and you will be automatically registered for the scheduled sessions for the course. Remote CPD courses have live, facilitator-led sessions and are not available for instant access. Please refer to the schedule of dates publised for each course instance.

Who is it for?

New subject coordinators of primary computing, as well as other teachers interested in integrating computing into their classroom teaching.

Course content

  • 01 | What is computing? Understand computing as a subject, a future career path, and a set of critical skills for modern life. Consider what outstanding teaching of computing for all should look like.
  • 02 | The computing curriculum. Consider computing teaching and progression in your classroom, and evaluate a range of high quality resources to help you develop towards outstanding learning.
  • 03 | Getting started with teaching primary programming. Understand how computational thinking underpins learning of computer programming, and how algorithms form the basis of all programs – using programmable toys and free online tools.
  • 04 | You don’t need to know everything! Navigate confidently through the vast range of support and resources available to help you develop your teaching of computing.

How will you learn?

  • Scheduled live, interactive online sessions led by an experienced practitioner.
  • Flexible facilitator-supported, participant-led tasks, involving deep exploration of the subject content.

How long is the course?

This course is approximately six hours in duration, split across several days.

Other primary computing CPD

Primary programming and algorithms

Teaching and leading key stage 1 computing (module 1)

Teaching and leading key stage 2 computing (module 1)

Participants will:
  • Understand the computing curriculum, describing a subject rich in knowledge and skill development.
  • Develop an understanding of high-quality computing education in the context of your own school.
  • Gain practical experience of teaching and learning in computing, including introductory computer programming using popular devices and tools.
  • Be confident in the next steps to develop the teaching of computing, supported by a network of peers and a range of high-quality resources.

This course is part of the Teach primary computing certificate.

Teach primary computing

Our nationally recognised qualification will support you to demonstrate your commitment to developing your own practice and to computing as a school subject.

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