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Enriching secondary computing with STEM Ambassadors in your region - short course

CP446 Live remote training course

Bring computing careers into the classroom with STEM Ambassadors - volunteers from the world of work.

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Impact of technology Careers Key stage 3 Key stage 4 Post 16 Secondary certificate
Live remote training course 90 minutes

  • Live remote training 7 December 16:00—7 December 2023
  • Live remote training 22 January 16:00—22 January 2024
  • Live remote training 26 April 16:00—26 April 2024

This short introductory course demonstrates the value that STEM Ambassadors can add to the computing curriculum and the extra-curricular offer. Bringing these industry volunteers into the classroom can help make computing more relevant to young people, allowing them to consider computing as a future study and career option. STEM Ambassadors are great role models from the local area from a range of backgrounds.

Who is it for?

Subject leaders and teacher of secondary computing looking to enrich the subject.

Topics covered

In this single-session CPD you’ll draw upon authoritative evidence to discover the expectations for careers education in secondary schools, and how STEM Ambassadors can contribute. You’ll be guided through the process of requesting a STEM Ambassador engagement, with guidance on how best to utilise them in your teaching, and develop links for local support from experts. You’ll also take-away lots of resources ready to use in teaching and learning, and in extra-curricular provision, created with STEM Ambassadors in a range of employer contexts. Finally you’ll plan next steps to more fully integrate careers education into your curriculum, raising aspirations in computing among your students.

How long is this course?

The short course lasts approximately 90 minutes.

How will you learn?

A single, scheduled live, interactive online sessions led by an experienced practitioner.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • understand the contribution that employers can make to learning in STEM subjects
  • understand the STEM Ambassador offer, and the benefits of engaging with the local STEM Ambassador hub.
  • gain ideas for employer-focused activity in the computing curriculum and in extra-curricular clubs, and how to monitor and evaluate the impact
  • make repeated use of existing STEM Ambassador resources in the computing curriculum

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This course is from the National Centre for Computing Education and is delivered by STEM Learning.

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