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Representing Data with Images and Sound: Bringing Data to Life

CO209 Online course

Learn how data is represented through media; audio, visual and text.

Key stage 3 Key stage 4
Free online course Register now (Starts on 2020-03-02) 2 hours per week

Learn how data is represented through media; audio, visual and text.

This online course explores how computers do interesting things with data. You’ll discover how to represent and manipulate text, images and sound and compression and other algorithms.

You will:

  • Describe how computers represent things in binary.
  • Explain common text encoding (ASCII and UTF-8).
  • Produce your own emoji in bitmap and vector form.
  • Investigate the physics of sound, and how sampling allows computers to represent sounds.
  • Compare lossy and lossless compression.

This course is part of the Teach GCSE computer science certificate.

Teach GCSE computer science

Our certified professional development programme will equip you with the subject knowledge and confidence to successfully teach and lead GCSE computer science.

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