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Preparing for your ITT year: how the NCCE can support you this summer

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As you embark on your Initial Teacher Training (ITT) journey this September, the summer break is an excellent time to get a head start. We (the NCCE) offer a wealth of resources and courses to help you build a strong foundation in computing. There are sections on our website dedicated to secondary and primary ITTs. Whether you're a programmer looking to delve into systems architecture, a hardware specialist interested in programming, or simply eager to fill any knowledge gaps, we are here to support you.

Early Career Support Guides

We can support trainee and early career teachers at all levels to meet and evidence the teacher standards. The early careers support guidance maps out our offer against the eight areas of performance you are working to achieve.

Get Ahead with NCCE's CPD Courses

We also provide a range of courses that cater to different needs and levels of expertise. These courses are available in various formats: face-to-face, remote-delivered, and online (self-paced), allowing you to choose what best fits your schedule and learning style.

Secondary courses:

Primary courses:

  • Physical Computing in Primary Schools: Learn how to engage younger students with hands-on computing projects using kits like BeeBots and micro:bits.
  • Literacy via Primary Computing: Build vocabulary and literacy skills through computing lessons.
  • AI in primary computing: Explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be linked to aspects of the primary computing curriculum, supporting creativity, digital literacy, and the use of information technology.

These courses not only boost your subject knowledge but also count towards certifications such as the:

Engage with Webinars and Podcasts

We host a wide range of recorded webinars featuring prominent figures in the field of computing. These webinars cover topics relevant to ITTs and provide insights from experts. Additionally, download and listen to podcasts that offer lively debates and food for thought on various computing topics.

Explore the ITT webinar programme

Comprehensive Curriculum Resources

In addition to CPD courses, we offer a fully resourced curriculum available for free. By setting up a free account, you can access lesson plans, activities, and assessment materials tailored to different educational levels. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to make your teaching journey smoother and more effective.

Join the STEM Community

The STEM Community is a fantastic platform for networking with like-minded professionals. Join the specific communities for ITTs (and ECTs) to ask questions, share experiences, and engage in discussions about computing education. This is an invaluable resource for support and professional growth. Join the primary or secondary communities today!

Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

Consider getting involved in our initiatives to promote diversity in computing. I Belong: Encouraging girls into computer science aims to increase the number of girls taking computing and support underrepresented groups. By participating, you can become an ambassador for diversity, helping to create a more inclusive computing environment.

Discover Physical Computing

Physical computing is increasingly popular in schools, and students of all ages love it. The NCCE hubs offer free kits and specialist training on how to use these tools to enhance student learning. Physical computing kits you can loan include BeeBots for KS1, Crumbles and micro:bits for KS2 and 3 and Raspberry Pi’s for GCSE and A level; these resources can bring your lessons to life.

Make the most of this summer to prepare for a successful ITT year. With the support of the NCCE, you can enter your training with confidence and a robust understanding of computing education.

About the author

Adam Gibson and Tracy Chamberlain are both Early Career Teacher Specialists for the National Centre for Computing Education