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How to encourage more girls to study computer science

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I Belong: Inspiring girls in computer science - GCSE options guidance

Computer science is the fastest-growing STEM subject, it has high value for all young people. It can lead to rewarding further study and career opportunities. It equips young people for a rapidly changing world in which they can thrive as confident, informed and empowered individuals. However, despite being the fastest-growing STEM subject, girls are consistently outnumbered by boys. In 2023, only one in five GCSE Computer Science and 15% of all A level Computer Science entries were from female students in England. 

Join the National Centre for Computing Education’s specialists Claire Garside and Pam Jones during this short webinar, where you’ll be able to explore strategies for your upcoming GCSE option events. Claire and Pam will explore the research behind girls engaging with the subject and share guidance from the National Centre around the GCSE options process, which can be used to help encourage more students, particularly girls, to choose the subject. 

You’ll also learn about I Belong: encouraging girls into computer science, a new programme to help schools increase girls’ participation in the subject by providing curated resources, training and implementation. 

Attendance at the short webinar is free and is scheduled to take place on the 12th December 2023, 4pm – 4:45pm.