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Education recovery: We've developed a special curated collection of CPD, resources and wider support to inspire your teaching, improve your knowledge, inform your assessment and save you time whilst you address lost learning.

Supporting partners

The demand for computing expertise is growing - with an estimated 1.2 million more people with specialist digital skills needed by 2022. We are calling on businesses to join us in equipping young people with the necessary skills for the future.

How can you help?

The NCCE programme relies on financial contributions from our supporting partners to achieve our mission. Funding is used for:

  • Bursaries: help cover the costs for teachers to attend training courses and to achieve certifications. Professional development in turn helps improve the quality of teaching for learners.
  • Special projects: we are always looking to expand our offering so it is a comprehensive source of support and resources for teachers. Our Curriculum resources is just one of the special projects we were able to deliver through additional funding.

To find out more on how you can help us continue this crucial work, see our Working Together booklet, or
Contact us on [email protected]

Thank you to our existing partners

We are very grateful to our Supporting Partners who have made the Teach Computing Curriculum and the bursaries for our courses possible.

Other ways you can support us


Encourage your employees to volunteer for computing education initiatives in schools and clubs, specifically:

Advocacy and awareness

Speak up for the importance and value of a world-class computing education for every child. You can also help raise awareness of the NCCE and amongst teachers you know. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up to date with our progress and latest news.