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Subject choice exploratory research

This strand of the GBIC programme has been a piece of research by the Behavioural Insights Team into possible links between school subject choice systems and the gender imbalance in Computer Science GCSE. A review of the existing evidence, semi-structured interviews, and analysis of publicly available data have been completed to answer this research question. Further exploratory research will explore the presentation of Computer Science at options evenings and in options booklets. Both pieces of research will explore whether the ways that schools present Computer Science to pupils could be a contributing factor to the current gender imbalance. Results are due in the summer.

“I did decide that computer science was probably a better way to go because technology and computers are the way of the world, and especially in the future.”
-Year 9 pupil, Durham


The findings from this research will be made available here once the interventions have been completed in schools and the data has been analysed.

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