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Secondary online safety resources

Online safety directly impacts the well-being and development of students. With the increasing integration of technology, students are exposed to various online platforms and resources. This makes them vulnerable to potential risks such as cyberbullying, inappropriate content, identity theft, and online predators.

Teaching and promoting online safety safeguards students from these dangers and empowers them with essential skills to navigate the digital world responsibly. It also equips students with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions, engage critically with online content, and cultivate respectful and ethical online behaviour.

We have put together various resources to help you with the national curriculum for online safety, and to help your students navigate the online world safely in their academic, professional, and personal lives.

Key Stage 3

Project Evolve - Online Relationships Unit 

Topic: Contact from strangers 

Project Evolve is a fantastic resources for teachers, providing a wealth of online safety resources, this unit in particular begins to explore contract from strangers which a key component of the key stage 3 curriculum

NCSC - CyberFirst Navigators

Topic: Contact from strangers and digital literacy 

CyberFirst Navigators helps to address key issues around protecting personal information and how to seek support and report concerns.

Oak National Academy  - Unit 3 Online and Media, Unit 5 Internet Safety and harms, Unit 11 Online Media and Harmful Contact

Topic: Contact from strangers and digital literacy 

Part of Oak National Academy’s RSHE resources these 3 units help to address the needs of the KS3 national computing curriculum exploring digital citizenship, contact from strangers and how to report concerns whilst developing digital literacy skills.

National Crime Agency (NCA) - Cyber Choices

Topic: Respectful user of technology

The National Crime Agency’s cyber choices, directly address law and legislation highlighting the legal risks associated with online actions.

Key Stage 4

Oak National Academy - Unit 5 Internet Safety and harms: Online relationships and harmful behaviour

Topic: Understand how changes in technology affect safety, including new ways to protect their online privacy and identity, and how to identify and report a range of concerns. 

Part of the RSHE resources collection for the Oak National Academy, this unit directly addresses the points in the KS4 computing national curriculum.

Oak National Academy - Unit 8 – Internet safety and harms: Gambling, debt and targeted advertising

Topic: Wider online safety including influence of algorithms and cookie to promote gambling

This unit goes beyond the minimum requirements of the national curriculum exploring key issues which effect users of technology, including the influence of algorithms which can affect a person's attitudes, beliefs and behaviour.

National Crime Agency (NCA) - Cyber choices

Topic: Personal protection the computer misuse act and cyber security

The National Crime Agency’s cyber choices, directly address law and legislation highlighting the legal risks associated with online actions. This links well to GCSE specifications which require the study of legal issues around computing.