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Current national restrictions for England: if you've booked a face to face course which was scheduled to take place during the latest restriction period, please see here for more information. All remote and online courses are unaffected and running as planned.

KS3 Cybersecurity

Welcome to KS3 Cybersecurity

This unit will take you on a journey of discovery of techniques that cyber criminals use to steal data, disrupt systems, and infiltrate networks. You will start by considering the value your data holds and what organisations might use it for. You will then learn about social engineering and other common cyber crimes, and finally look at methods to protect against these attacks.

Support is available

If you have any questions about the topic or any of the lesson resources you can contact us by emailing [email protected].

Lesson 1 –  You and your data

Lesson 2 – Social engineering

Lesson 3 – Script kiddies

Lesson 4 – Rise of the bots

Lesson 5 – There's no place like

Lesson 6 –Under attack