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Current national restrictions for England: if you've booked a face to face course which was scheduled to take place during the latest restriction period, please see here for more information. All remote and online courses are unaffected and running as planned.

Home teaching

High-quality, free, computing activities for students of all ages.

Home teaching is a programme designed to help students to continue their computing studies while at home. Teachers and parents will be able to schedule the activities as part of the school day or as extra-curricular activities.

The activities

The units of work feature high-quality and fun computing activities that are grouped by key stage.

If a student needs further help with an activity, they can get in touch with one of our Education Specialists by emailing their questions or comments to [email protected].

Start by finding the right key stage below for your students.

Key stage 1 (school years 1–2)

Computational thinking

Learn key stage 1 computing at home

Key stage 2 (school years 3–6)

Programming using Scratch

Learn key stage 2 computing at home

Key stage 3 (school years 7–9)

Programming using Python, app development, cybersecurity and digital literacy

Learn key stage 3 computing at home

Key stage 4 (school years 10–11)

Python programming will be available in two levels including a basic introduction and more advanced Python for those with some pre-existing programming skills, networking, maths and logic in computer science, object orientated programming and a transition from GCSE to A Level computer science

Learn key stage 4 computing at home

Key stage 5

Number bases, algorithms and object oriented programming

Learn key stage 5 computing at home