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Year 9

Lesson 1 You and your data

Curriculum > KS3 > Unit > Lesson

The aim of this lesson is to introduce the learners to the unit and to help them understand the value of data to companies. The focus will be on what data companies collect from their users and how they use it. Learners will explore this topic through scenarios as well as by looking at the privacy policies of some tech companies that they may already be giving data to. They will be introduced briefly to the law regarding data protection and will reflect on why cybercriminals might want to gain access to data.

Learning objectives

  • Explain the difference between data and information
  • Critique online services in relation to data privacy
  • Identify what happens to data entered online
  • Explain the need for the Data Protection Act

Package contents

  • Lesson plans
  • Learning graphs
  • Unit overviews
  • Activities
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