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Year 9

Lesson 2 Social engineering

Curriculum > KS3 > Unit > Lesson

The aim of this lesson is for learners to become aware of how humans can be a weak point in the system, as well as looking at the social engineering tactics deployed by cybercriminals to dupe users into giving away data that could lead to further crime. The lesson starts with the learners using a Scratch program aimed at tricking them into giving away personal information. Learners will then be taken through the common social engineering techniques, completing exercises through the lesson to encourage them to think more deeply about the consequences of the scams and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Learning objectives

  • Recognise how human errors pose security risks to data
  • Implement strategies to minimise the risk of data being compromised through human error

Package contents

  • Lesson plans
  • Learning graphs
  • Unit overviews
  • Activities
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