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Year 9

Lesson 3 Script kiddies

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This lesson allows the learners to explore the concept of hacking and the techniques used by hackers to exploit computer systems. The lesson starts with the learners looking for clues to hack into a friend’s account to help his parents find out where he is. They will then be forced to think about the ethics behind their actions. The rest of the lesson looks at terms such as brute force attacks, hacktivists, script kiddies, and DDoS attacks. Some of the key terminology is introduced around the real-life example of the Dyn attack that disabled DNS servers (mostly in the USA) for a time. The lesson will conclude with the learners exploring the Computer Misuse Act and the consequences of hacking.

Learning objectives

  • Define hacking in the context of cyber security
  • Explain how a DDoS attack can impact users of online services
  • Identify strategies to reduce the chance of a brute force attack being successful
  • Explain the need for the Computer Misuse Act

Package contents

  • Lesson plans
  • Learning graphs
  • Unit overviews
  • Activities
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