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Year 9

Lesson 4 Rise of the bots

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The purpose of this lesson is to make learners aware of malware and the different categories of malware, as well as understanding how they work and the potential damage they can do. This lesson focuses more on the technical side than on prevention methods, which will be covered in Lesson 5 of this unit. This lesson will start with a pretend scenario of the network having been infected by ransomware; the learners have to decide what action to take. They will then be introduced to the key terms before being instructed to do a research task to create a fact-based quick read on one type of malware they have learnt about. Towards the end of the lesson, the learners will be introduced to web bots and what task they perform on the internet. They will then be shown how bots are used in conjunction with malware and will be given a scenario that allows them to understand the hidden role of bots and what potential influence they could have on societal issues.

Learning objectives

  • List the common malware threats
  • Examine how different types of malware causes problems for computer systems
  • Question how malicious bots can have an impact on societal issues

Package contents

  • Lesson plans
  • Learning graphs
  • Unit overviews
  • Activities
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