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Education recovery: We've developed a special curated collection of CPD, resources and wider support to inspire your teaching, improve your knowledge, inform your assessment and save you time whilst you address lost learning.

Bursaries and fees

We offer financial support to state-funded schools and colleges across England, including bursaries to support continuing professional development and curriculum delivery.

To find out more about financial support, please select an option below:

Funding and fees

Our online courses for key stages 1-4 are free to all teachers.  

Face to face and remote courses are fully-funded or subsidised for teachers in state-funded education.

Teachers from state-funded schools or colleges

Face to face or remote course Fee Bursary
Short or introductory course Free No
Primary £65 Yes*
Computer Science Accelerator Free Yes
Secondary KS3 and KS4 £65 (free to CS Accelerator graduates in secondary state education) No

* For primary, bursary funding is available for one teacher per school in an academic year.

Course fees are payable upfront and the payment is separate to any bursary funding your school receives.

Trainee, supply and returning computer science teachers
Courses which are part of the Computer Science Accelerator are free to trainee teachers, supply teachers and returning computer science teachers.

Teachers from independent schools
£50 per hour on a short course or a fee of £220 per full day course is payable for independent schools for any of our face to face or remote courses.

Bursaries for schools and colleges

Primary certificate

We offer bursaries to state-funded schools to enable teachers to participate in remote or face to face CPD during the school day. Bursaries are not available for sessions starting after 2:30pm.

Please note, only one bursary per state-funded school can be claimed in a given academic year.

Overview for state-funded schools:

Course fee £65 per day
Bursary (one teacher per school) £220 per day

Computer Science Accelerator

We offer bursaries to teachers working in state-funded education to support CPD participation, paid to your school or college.

Bursary allocation for state-funded education Payment to school or college Secondary teachers and FE teachers Primary teachers
Attend face to face or remote course (starting at or before 2:30pm) £220 per course (up to £880) Yes Yes
Complete two courses (one to be remote or face to face) £300 for classroom practice Yes See deferred bursaries criteria
Complete the programme and pass final test £620 Yes See deferred bursaries criteria
Total maximum bursary available £1800 £1800 £880

The £300 funding for classroom practice is for teachers who have completed two courses (one to be face to face or remote) to use for any of the following: purchasing resources; CPD; funding towards chartered status; kit for after-school club; supporting events/networking with local schools (CAS or Computing Hubs) and computer science related student trips.

Please note, bursaries are not available for remote or face to face courses starting after 2:30pm.

Deferred bursaries

Teachers who are not currently working in secondary state education may be eligible for a £920 deferred bursary once employment is gained in a state maintained school or college.  Deferred bursaries must be claimed within 12 months of passing the CS Accelerator and achieving the subject knowledge certificate.

The following teachers are eligible for deferred bursaries:

  • Trainee teachers: can access all CS Accelerator courses for free and are eligible for the deferred bursary.
  • Supply teachers: can access all CS Accelerator courses for free and are eligible for the deferred bursary.
  • Returning teachers: teachers who are not currently working in a state-funded school or college but are looking for employment in state education can access all CSA courses for free and are eligible for the deferred bursary.
  • Primary teachers: can access all CS Accelerator courses for free and claim up to £880 bursary funding for their current primary school to release them for training. They will be eligible for the deferred bursary if they move into secondary state-funded education.

Bursary payment

If your school or college is eligible for bursary funding, this is usually paid within six to eight weeks of activity completion. If your organisation has not received funding from us previously, please complete this form and return to [email protected].

Support from subject matter experts

We offer fully-funded consultancy from a network of subject matter experts, to support primary and secondary schools and colleges to improve their computing offer. Bursary funding is also available, payable to schools and colleges who meet the criteria below, upon completion of an action plan.

Subject matter expert support criteria:

Are you yet to offer GCSE computer science or considering reintroducing it?

Your school/college will receive:

  • 2.5 days free consultancy and guidance
  • £1400 bursary

An additional £4000 bursary is available for schools and colleges who have not delivered GCSE computer science for an academic year or more and commit to delivering it in the next academic year.

Are you considering dropping GCSE computer science?

Your school/college will receive:

  • 1 day free consultancy and guidance
  • £1400 bursary

Have you started teaching GCSE computer science in the last 2 years?

Your school/college will receive:

  • 1 day free consultancy and guidance
  • No bursary

Are you a primary or secondary school in Local Area Districts 5 or 6?

Your school will receive:

  • 0.5 days free consultancy and guidance
  • No bursary

The bursary for subject matter expert support is in addition to any funding we offer schools and colleges to support professional development.