Bursary entitlement

We recognise it can be difficult to get out of the classroom to attend face-to-face CPD, so we offer bursaries to schools and colleges across England to help.

These bursaries have been designed to maximise the reach of our CPD and can contribute towards the costs associated with attending professional development, including course fees, travel and supply cover.

Types of bursary available

The National Centre for Computing Education face-to-face CPD

We have developed a range of face-to-face courses for teachers looking to gain confidence in teaching across the computing curriculum. (These are currently only available at primary level).

These courses are free to:

  • the first teacher from each priority primary school to participate in face-to-face CPD
  • all computing teachers from priority secondary schools (courses coming soon)
  • graduates of the Computer Science Accelerator Programme

Priority schools are those located in Local Authority Districts 5 and 6: see this map to check eligibility, or Contact us for details.

The fee for teachers from state-funded schools or colleges outside of priority areas 5 and 6 is £35 per day plus VAT.

Can I get a bursary?

Bursaries of £100 per day are available for teachers from primary and secondary priority schools on successful completion of the CPD.

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Computer Science Accelerator Programme CPD

The Computer Science Accelerator programme and its face-to-face CPD activities are free to secondary teachers of computing or computer science, in an English state-funded or state-maintained school, without a post A level qualification in computer science or a related subject.* Online CPD is free to all teachers.

Can I get a bursary for the face-to-face CPD?

Anybody who meets the above criteria is eligible for their school to receive a bursary. For all other participants, the course fee is £220 per day, or £440 per two-day course.

If you are eligible your school will receive:

  • £220 per day (£440 per course) up to a maximum of £880, payable after successful completion of each face-to-face CPD activity
  • £870 for participants who complete online CPD and sit the final test by 31 July 2019, payable on completion of the programme

For your school to receive the financial support, you will need to:

  • book and attend at least two face-to-face courses. Eligible teachers will receive a bursary after completing the first two courses, and you’re welcome to attend the rest for free
  • participate in at least two online courses, around 16 hours in total
  • take a short subject knowledge test (after this, your school will receive a bursary to compensate the time you’ve taken to complete the online components. This is in recognition that you may have been released from teaching to complete some learning during school hours)

Bursaries exist to support you through 40 hours of CPD to complete the Computer Science Accelerator Programme. If you don’t complete the programme, we reserve the right to reclaim any bursaries paid.

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*Related subjects include Information Systems, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Health Informatics. Post A level qualifications in computing or ICT are not considered related subjects.