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Isaac's spring into success giveaway

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 Spring into success giveaway with Isaac Computer Science

As the days grow longer and spring fills the fields with flowers and bunnies, the team over at Isaac Computer Science have been beavering away to create something new and exciting for students. We are excited to announce Isaac Computer Science’s spring into success giveaway!

With an opportunity for students to blossom their understanding of computer science, this giveaway offers students the motivation they need to flourish.

What’s up for grabs?

Your students can potentially win one of 70 fantastic Isaac giveaway packs! These packs are designed to support students at both the GCSE and A level stages of their education. With 35 packs available for GCSE students and another 35 for A level students, there's ample opportunity for everyone to participate and potentially be rewarded for their hard work.

Each pack features a carefully curated selection of items to keep your students motivated and on track. From a custom notebook perfect for jotting down key concepts to a sturdy water bottle to keep your students hydrated during study sessions, these packs are designed to support your students’ learning journey. Additionally, your students will find stickers to add a touch of fun to study space and an inspiring ‘I Belong’ poster to remind your students that they are part of a supportive computing community.

How can your students get involved?

So, how can your students enter for a chance to win one of these fantastic giveaway packs? Simply complete the sign-up form and 10 questions via the gameboard on Isaac Computer Science. Whether your students are tackling GCSE or A level Computer Science, this is their opportunity to showcase their skills and potentially be rewarded for their efforts.

At the National Centre for Computing Education, we're committed to empowering students like your own to excel in computer science. So, empower your students to supercharge their knowledge and let their potential bloom with Isaac Computer Science's latest giveaway!