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Exploring the wonders of data loggers: a Key Stage 2 adventure

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Vu+ Data Loggers in our resource centre, alongside the NCCE primary brochure

These small devices hold the key to unlocking a world of scientific exploration and discovery for pupils! Delve into the exciting world of data loggers, exploring how they can be integrated into the Key Stage 2 curriculum to enhance learning and engage young minds.

What are data loggers?

Data loggers are compact electronic devices designed to collect and store data over time.

These clever gadgets can measure various environmental factors such as temperature, sound, and light. The beauty of data loggers lies in their ability to continuously record information, providing a wealth of data for analysis and interpretation.

Introducing the Vu+ Data Logger

The Teach Computing Curriculum Year 4 Data logging unit has been updated to be compatible with the Data Harvest Vu+ data loggers, removing the discontinued TTS data loggers. These data loggers are perfect for the Key Stage 2 classroom as they:

  • are compatible with laptops, desktops and iPads
  • contain built in sensors to record sound, light and temperature
  • can record data instantly, without being connected to a computer
  • work with free software specific to primary education

Connecting the Curriculum

The Year 4 Data Logging unit is a great introduction to using such devices in the classroom, but let’s not forget that these activities can align to both the science and maths national curriculum. Why not consider engaging learners with real life applications, with some cross curricular ideas:

Exploring Temperature

Conduct hands-on experiments where learners use data loggers to measure temperature variations in different locations within the school or during outdoor activities. Discuss the importance of temperature data in understanding climate changes and its impact on living organisms.

Investigating Habitats

Introduce the concept of ecosystems and habitats by deploying data loggers in various environments like gardens, ponds, or woodlands. Learners can compare the collected data to identify patterns and make connections between environmental factors and the presence of different species.

Experimenting with light

Explore the influence of light on plant growth by placing data loggers in different areas receiving varying amounts of sunlight.

White Vu+ Data Logger with green buttons.
Vu+ Data logger.

No kit? No problem!

Vu+ Data Loggers are now available to loan from your local NCCE Hub to support the successful teaching of the updated Year 4 Data Logging unit. The classroom loan set allows learners to work in groups to complete the unit and allows schools to discover how these data loggers can be used in a classroom setting.

Free CPD on how you can integrate Vu+ Data Loggers in your classroom

With clear cross-curricular links to science and maths, unlock your school’s STEM connections and bring all subject leaders to join our free KS2 data loggers CPD. During this CPD, you’ll explore how the Vu+ data loggers can be used in the classroom, with hands on experience of collecting data via the devices.

Ignite curiosity with Data Loggers

Data loggers are powerful tools that can transform the learning experience for Key Stage 2 learners. By immersing them in hands-on activities that involve real-world applications of science and mathematics, you can ignite their curiosity and passion for learning.

As we embrace the era of technological advancement, let’s empower our young minds to become the scientists and explorers of tomorrow with the help of these data logging devices.

About the author

Rachel Vidler is a Primary Specialist for Computing at the National Centre for Computing Education.