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A look at the year ahead for Isaac Computer Science

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Hello! This is a quick post to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped Isaac Computer Science to have such an amazing first year. You are all awesome, and we are excited to be working with you to develop this programme further.

We have lots of things planned to keep the Isaac train rolling, so here’s a whistle-stop tour of what you can expect in 2020…

Introducing our new Booster events

We are delighted to announce a new event format called Boosters, which will be launched in January and run by the new NCCE School Hubs. If you want to run a Booster in your school or Hub, get in touch with us today!

Booster events are aimed at A level students who either want to revise for their A level Computer Science, or are less familiar with the material and want an introductory primer.

Each session focuses on a different Computer Science topic and will give students the understanding and confidence to use the concepts during their studies.

To celebrate, we’ve just released four Booster events onto the platform for you to book on to:

A group of students and teachers attend our Discovery event in Cambridge.

More educators join our events programme

Along with Boosters, we are excited about increasing the reach of our programme of student Masterclasses and Discovery events, alongside Teacher CPD sessions. We are excited to be working with a new crop of education institutions including Bletchley Park (Milton Keynes), BT Adastral Park (Ipswich), University of Manchester, and the University of Nottingham. We will also be supporting a stream of Teacher CPD sessions at the CAS London conference in February.

View our full events programme to book places for you and your students.

“I think what the students are really finding enjoyable about Isaac Computer Science as a platform is the consistency that it offers. It gives them a really good access to really high level materials across the wide breadth of the A level course, and it does that consistently too. I think what’s also really good about it are the specification links. So [students] know exactly what they are learning, and why the are learning it too.”

Lee Willis, Computer Science teacher at North East Futures UTC

Benchmark your students’ learning with our upcoming class tests

In January 2020, we will be opening up opportunities to all A level Computer Science teachers to be part of a study to evaluate the impact of our programme. This will involve A level Computer Science students completing a gameboard of 20 questions across a wide range of topics in January, and then repeating the same process in May.

The tests will give you a chance to see the impact of your teaching, and students an opportunity to better understand their areas of strength and weakness. More information about this will be coming in January.

One more thing…

The team have been working on lots of new content for the platform, so look out for an announcement around that on 08 January.

From everyone here at Isaac Computer Science, we wish you all a happy and restful holiday!