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A level computer science

Discover Isaac Computer Science, our online learning programme for A level computer science teachers and students.

Access a huge range of time-saving learning materials that covers the full A level computer science curriculum for the AQA and OCR exam boards — all for free!

Set questions for your students and our system will mark it and give you a detailed breakdown of their progress. Isaac Computer Science is great for supporting remote teaching, homework, and revision sessions, and helps you to quickly identify areas where students can improve.

Isaac Computer Science will give you:

  • time-saving resources that are high quality and written by experienced teachers
  • full coverage of the AQA and OCR specifications for computer science
  • we are working to provide full coverage of the EDUQAS specifications
  • sets of self-marking questions
  • printed workbooks to accompany your students’ online learning
  • CPD training for teachers
  • live online workshops for students

Isaac will help you to:

  • save time on lesson planning and marking work
  • create personalised sets of questions for your class
  • pinpoint areas to work on with your students
  • manage students’ progress in your personal markbook

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