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Computing courses for teachers

Discover our range of professional development courses, designed to help you teach computing. Courses cover key stages 1 to 4 and cater for all levels of knowledge.

Choose how and when you want to learn, through face to face, online, or live remote training.

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An introduction to computer systems, networking and security in GCSE computer science - face to faceCP238

Learn about the different components of computer hardware, including devices not instantly recognisable as computers.

Westcliff-on-Sea 28 March 09:30—28 March 2022

Tags for this course:

Computer networks Computer systems Safety & Security Computing Key stage 3 Key stage 4 CS Accelerator

Assessing computational thinking in primary schools - short courseCP457

A short course providing practical guidance on the assessment of key thinking skills in primary computing

Live remote training 28 January 14:30—28 January 2022

Tags for this course:

Leadership Key stage 1 Key stage 2

Collaboration in KS3 programmingCP437

Engage students and build awareness of the collaborative nature of programming in the real world, through evidence-based teaching approaches.

Live remote training 22 March 09:00—22 March 2022

Tags for this course:

Leadership Careers Key stage 3 Secondary certificate

Fundamentals of computer networks - remoteCP422

Learn how computers of all shapes and sizes are connected physically, or wirelessly, and how this arrangement affects how data is shared.

Live remote training 27 January 09:30—27 January 2022

Tags for this course:

Computer networks Computing Key stage 4 CS Accelerator

Getting started in Year 6 - short courseCP467

Explore how to teach computing in Year 6 using the Teach Computing Curriculum

Live remote training 26 January 13:30—26 January 2022

Tags for this course:

Computing Key stage 2

Leading primary computing - face to faceCP008

Essential knowledge for primary computing subject leaders, helping you get the most from every teacher and every child.

London 27 January 09:00—10 February 2022

Tags for this course:

Leadership Computing Key stage 1 Key stage 2 Primary certificate

Python programming constructs: sequencing, selection & iteration - remoteCP423

Learn how to write code to input, process and output data, and how to manipulate data stored in variables. Using the building blocks of sequence, selection and iteration you’ll begin to understand how programs are constructed to perform a multitude of simple and more complex tasks.

Live remote training 24 March 09:00—24 March 2022

Tags for this course:

Programming Computing Key stage 4 CS Accelerator

Teaching GCSE computer science: improving student engagement - remoteCP447

Improve student engagement in your GCSE computer science lessons by developing your classroom pedagogy.

Live remote training 8 March 09:00—8 March 2022

Tags for this course:

Impact of technology Key stage 4 Secondary certificate