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Isaac Computer Science for GCSE

Discover our free GCSE computer science learning and revision resources, mapped to the AQA, OCR, Edexcel, and Eduqas exam specifications

Access our range of GCSE computer science learning materials that currently cover around 50% of the GCSE computer science curriculum — all for free.

The new GCSE computer science topics have introductory videos to help your students to preview the topic. The videos also provide the context for the topic explaining how and why it is relevant in today's world. Each topic also signposts related classroom resources from our Teach Computing Curriculum, and suggests professional development opportunities to deepen your subject knowledge.

The GCSE level content is seamlessly integrated with our A level content and allows you to toggle each level either on or off, as needed.

This gives you the flexibility to:

  • Set GCSE level content to support A level students who need a bit of help
  • Set A level content to stretch GCSE students who want to learn more

Isaac Computer Science GCSE offers:

  • Time-saving GCSE computer science resources that are high quality and written by experienced teachers
  • Coverage of the AQA, OCR, Edexcel, Eduqas and WJEC specifications for GCSE computer science
  • Sets of self-marking questions
  • CPD training for teachers
  • Live online workshops for students

Students can:

  • Use the platform for structured, self-paced study and progress tracking
  • Prepare for their GCSE computer science examinations according to their exam body
  • Get instant feedback from the interactive questions to guide further study
  • Explore areas of interest more deeply

Teachers can:

  • Use the content and examples on the platform as the basis for classroom work
  • Direct their students to topics to read as homework
  • Set self-marking questions as homework or in the classroom as formative assessment to identify areas where additional support is required
  • Track students' progress

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