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CSA and NCCE celebration events 2022

CP334 Face to face course

Regional celebration events for graduates of the NCCE certificates, held during July 2022.

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Key stage 3 Key stage 4
Face to face course 2 hours

  • Manchester 29 June 13:00—29 June 2022
  • York 30 June 16:30—30 June 2022
  • Birmingham 4 July 13:00—4 July 2022
  • London 5 July 16:00—5 July 2022
  • Newcastle 8 July 10:30—8 July 2022
  • Cambridge 9 July 11:00—9 July 2022
  • Milton Keynes 13 July 16:30—13 July 2022
  • Milton Keynes 14 July 16:30—14 July 2022

A series of regional celebration events taking place in July 2022. These events are exclusively for graduates of the Computer Science Accelerator programme and the Primary and Secondary certificates.

These events have been designed by our network of Computing Hubs in close collaboration with regional industry, stakeholders and partners, and will all be unique and exciting in their own way.

They provide an opportunity for NCCE graduates to meet and celebrate with one another, recognising their achievements and dedication to professional development and wider impact as a result. Click on each event to find out more.

Who is it for?

Graduates of the NCCE certificates.


  • Celebrate your achievement in an inspiring location

  • Hear from a range of inspiring and influential keynote speakers

  • Connect with like-minded teachers and industry representatives

  • Receive a physical copy of your Subject knowledge certificate

  • Hear from other graduates about how the programme has impacted them and their students

  • Access a range of opportunities that will benefit you and your students’ understanding of careers and skills related to computing

  • Discover further opportunities to engage with us

  • Hear what’s next for the National Centre for Computing Education

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