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Creative computing for key stage 3 - face to face

CP206 Face to face course

This course will provide you with the theory, background and practical application to design and build a curriculum leading to increased engagement and student success

Key stage 3
Face to face course 3 days
  • Milton Keynes 29 April 09:30—24 June 2021

Designed for Heads of Computing, and others with a key role in teaching and leading computing, this three-day course will help you plan and deliver an inclusive curriculum appropriate for all pupils in Key Stage 3. Whether you are an experienced teacher or leader of computing looking to reinvigorate the subject, or have come to computing from another subject area or after training, this course will give you the confidence to forward plan and to raise the profile of the subject.

The 3-day course will provide you with the theory, background and practical application to design and build a Key Stage 3 curriculum that leads to increased engagement and student success, inspiring and preparing students to study the subject to GCSE and beyond. The course is based on firm evidence and experience, and will help you develop an understanding of what works best in the context of your own school.

Working under the guidance of experienced practitioners topics will include:

  • Curriculum design
  • Building an inclusive curriculum
  • Resourcing the computing curriculum
  • Applying the lastest research to the classroom
  • Growing the departmental profile in the school
  • Constructing and delivering engaging lessons
  • Physical computing
  • Enriching the curriculum

This course is delivered as part of the National Centre for Computing Education.

You will have:

  • An increased understanding of the most current national and international thinking on effective computing pedagogy and subject leadership;
  • Been provided with practical and inspirational strategies to improve standards of teaching and learning;
  • Developed your understanding coupled with practical strategies, guidance and techniques on how to lead computing at this key stage;
  • Been made aware of and been given practical experience of many of the high quality classroom resources for teaching Computing at Key Stage 3.

This course is part of the Teach secondary computing certificate.

Teach secondary computing

Our certified professional development programme will equip you with the subject knowledge and confidence to successfully teach and lead GCSE computer science.

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