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GCSE Computer Science - developing outstanding teaching - face to face

CP205 Face to face course

This course helps teachers of GCSE to develop their classroom practice and deliver outstanding teaching of GCSE computer science

Key stage 4
Face to face course 4 days

  • Milton Keynes 14 January 09:30—26 April 2021
  • Reading 28 April 10:00—23 June 2021

Outstanding teaching of GCSE computer science results from strong subject knowledge, and a detailed grasp of effective pedagogy. This evidence-based CPD helps teachers of GCSE to develop their classroom practice on a number of fronts, equipping them to get the best from their students.

Over four days you’ll go deep into teaching and learning. You’ll learn effective ways to teach and track attainment in programming using Python, as well as approaches that help students learn subject-specific, knowledge-rich content. You’ll develop deep conceptual understanding to pass on through your teaching, helping you to engage with the highest performing students with confidence.

Improving the diversity of the subject is a challenge, and you’ll consider how to recruit more girls to GCSE and ways to positively influence the future study choices of students. To help all learners to succeed in the subject you’ll find out how to enrich teaching with hands-on activities; how to build resilience and independence; and how to maximise the learning opportunities provided by your access to technology.

Between each day you’ll be supported to implement your learning back in your own classroom, reflecting on its impact on your students and colleagues.

This course is delivered as part of the National Centre for Computing Education.

You will be able to:

  • Layer excellent pedagogy on top of your subject knowledge, helping you support improved student outcomes.
  • Consider the many ways in which computer science teaching can be improved, and plan to overcome barriers to improvement.
  • Develop your own conceptual understanding of computer science principles, and how your students can build their own mental models.
  • Make your GCSE offer more accessible to a wider group of students, and attract more girls to the subject.

This course is part of the Teach secondary computing certificate.

Teach secondary computing

Our certified professional development programme will equip you with the subject knowledge and confidence to successfully teach and lead GCSE computer science.

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