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Scratch to Python: Moving from Block- to Text-based Programming

CO211 Online course

Learn how to apply the thinking and programming skills you've learnt in Scratch

Key stage 3
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Block-based programming languages like Scratch make it simple to learn and teach programming. But once you and your students have mastered it, it’s time to move on to a text-based programming language such as Python. This online course will show you how. 

You’ll discover how to transfer the programming and thinking skills you learnt while using Scratch to Python. You’ll develop basic text-based programming skills, learning how to understand error messages and debug code. 

The course will show you the power of text-based programming and give you the tools to support your students’ transition too.

Scratch to Python is designed for primary or K-5 teachers and volunteers. If you don’t have any experience of programming, we recommend you take Teaching Programming in Primary Schools first, to learn the basics of block-based programming in Scratch.

You will be able to:

  • Describe how you can transfer programming and thinking skills from Scratch to Python         
  • Demonstrate basic skills in Python programming language         
  • Identify simple error messages in Python syntax and how to debug code         
  • Reflect on the power of text-based programming and what you can create         
  • Produce tools to support children’s transition from block-based to text-based programming

This course is part of the Teach secondary computing certificate.

Teach secondary computing

Our certified professional development programme will equip you with the subject knowledge and confidence to successfully teach and lead GCSE computer science.

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